Canvas & Fabric Stretching

Original oils done on canvas need to be stretched over an adjustable stretcher or strainer. 


  • A strainer has fixed corners.  Over time, a canvas can become loose and sometimes sag slightly.  It can be restretched again to make it taught.

  • An adjustable stretcher has corners that contain wedges that can be tapped to make the frame slightly larger, thus re-tensioning a canvas without having to remove it and re-stretch it.


The image of your oils can be stretched to wrap around the edge of the stretcher, or you can have the image stretched up to the edge, ready for a frame.


Fabric can also be stretched over a strainer to create a dramatic and inexpensive statement on your walls.  Choose a colour or design to suit your decor and you can liven up any room.  Like canvas, the fabric can be wrapped around the strainer, or framed to suit.